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Monday, May 9, 2011

Is There ANY End to This Fatigue?!?

I can't remember ever feeling this awful....the past few weeks all I can think of is when I can go back to bed. It's been 8 wks since I started the Enbrel and even though I was fatigued before it has insidiously gotten worse and worse. There hasn't been a day in the past 2 wks that I haven't taken a nap during the day and/or gone to bed before 7 p.m. Have you ever not been able to put your finger on in it but just feel horrible - well that's the description of me these days. I have been having flashes of light in the peripheral vision field of my R eye intermittently for about 4 days. I have tried to get an Opthamologist appointment and will need to call again Wednesday. My Rheumatology appointment is tomorrow - I really don't know what to tell him - except I feel like crap - very helpful description of symptoms don't you think? - lol . Will let you all know how things are going. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. If you feel even half as bad as I do HANG IN there!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Picture of Maggie - Won Her Mom Some Gluten Free Goodies

I promised some folks that I would post the WINNING picture of Maggie - she won her Mom some gluten free goodies ($30.00 + worth) - of course she has gotten a couple of bites of her favorite toast with peanut butter for her wonderful deed. She is sitting up and waving for a piece of gluten free Australian Oatmeal cookie from  So here it is - enjoy!!

Feel Crappy - Stressed Out!!

Some of the issues I had a few posts ago are slowly resolving themselves with the awesome support I have from friends that are family I haven't become homicidal as yet - lol. Today I was on the phone for 2 hours trying to get my disability issues taken care of - to little avail but talked to someone different who seemed a little more empathetic and professional. Keeping my fingers crossed. Stayed in so far this week which is sometimes a little less stressful especially today being Enbrel day. I plan on getting out to run a couple of short errands with a friend driving and having some help tomorrow getting the house a little more organized. I really want to take full advantage of my time while my friend is between jobs. I just have no energy and with that comes little interest in completing physical tasks which zap the little energy I do have. So with help I think some things can get done around here. I have a Rheumatology appointment next week - boo hiss - hopefully I will get some good news. I know I have tons of questions (which I need to write down before they are "poof" gone)  about the Enbrel and other drug options as well as medical treatments I want/need to have done before I lose my insurance 3/12. Will probably go to bed early tonight - just feel crappy. I am researching some gluten free and autoimmune connections which I will share as soon as I have it all compiled - at least my brain still can problem solve - lol!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Super Tired These Days

I have had increased stress recently as I posted the other day but some of those issues have been resolved by a term we used where I worked - "work arounds" - this is when you do something else to solve the problem - a little like patching a tire. Temporary but functional for a brief period of time. I had a busy past few days and cannot even describe how tired I am. The dogs were a bit upset today as I couldn't get up to feed them until noon. Friday a friend took me to run errands and it was a long few hours - I had lots to get done. I won the drawing at my favorite gluten free restaurant The Little Aussie Bakery and Cafe - because of a picture I had posted on their website - so we there Sat for lunch and to pick that up. I was very excited about it!  We had our king sized bed and mattress set up this weekend and needed to have the room cleaned before it was set up - mostly dust and dog/cat hair under the bed etc. - so we had that done Sat. morning. On Sunday morning we had to get to Costco and pick up some staples and to have them load the mattress in the truck before the guys came to set up everything. All in all it was a long three days and I am paying for it with intense fatigue and increased pain. I just hope the increase in fatigue is r/t activity and not the Enbrel. Have a wonderful day and take care of yourselves!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stressed Out vs Just Crabby

As most of you know I was expecting my Enbrel 4/26 but didn't get it until a few hours before I was due to take it 4/27/11 - so I was stressed out about it - I don't know why it just makes me feel crummy anyway. The cost was much higher than I was told it would be but less expensive than the regular pharmacy so I really can't complain about that either. People ask me how I am and I probably sound grumpy because I usually say I suck which in many cases is very true. Mostly though I think I'm just tired of the waiting game and my inability to just get up and go when I want to. I feel like I have no control over my finances, health or mobility. I wait a lot for other people especially over the phone - the insurance company r/t the medication and the cost, the disability people because I have yet to get my direct deposit - normally arrives on the 18 th of the month and of course I've already paid bills because if not they would be calling as well - then there are the 401k people who promised me a certain amount of money but told me I to wait for HR to fax over the forms so they can send it and the Social Security people - you get my drift. The WORST though is when they get it wrong and I have to get back on the phone and explain it all over again to a different person who has NO idea what I'm talking about and then that person gives me totally different information from the last - most recently with my HR department and IRS people. Of course there are the people that say they will call you back and NEVER do like the homeowners association for my rental condo. I feel like a lady in perpetual waiting while all around me other people want whatever is they want from me ASAP. I think I sound like a little old lady complaining about the government - lol. I'll tell you with the amount of pain I'm in I can only imagine what those people that go nuts over the phone or public places must be going through to finally go off.
Well - another glass of wine will prevent me from acting up - no worries folks. In the meantime I will be stressed out which of course causes more pain.  Ho Hum!!